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Christina Aguilera's sex confessions - racy undies, caught romping and marriage tip

Pop star Christina Aguilera is known for her stunning vocals and risqué style - who could forget her iconic Dirrty era? Keep reading to chec...

Pop star Christina Aguilera is known for her stunning vocals and risqué style - who could forget her iconic Dirrty era? Keep reading to check out the singer's raunchiest confessions

Christina Aguilera has one of the most recognisable voices in the industry and the star status to go with it.

Ever since the pop princess rose to fame in the late 90s with her iconic hit Genie in a Bottle, Christina has become known for her sexy style and even racier personality.

The singer is notoriously open about her sex life and is not afraid to speak about her antics - and her fans love her for it.

Keep reading to check out some of the star’s wildest moments.

Sexy marriage secrets

Aguilera likes to keep her partner on his toes
Aguilera likes to keep her partner on his toes 

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Christina lifted the lid on married life and shared some tips with her loyal fans.

Christina revealed how she likes to keep her relationship fresh after giving birth to her child.

She said: "I leave little lipstick marks on the bathroom mirror for when he wakes up, and little notes written in lipstick on the mirror and in the shower. Little notes, little cards, little ‘I love yous’ here and there - just to keep things fun and alive."

Aguilera admitted that she "didn’t feel at her sexiest" when she was pregnant and felt that "her body wasn’t hers," so she "didn’t even think about being sexual".

After she gave birth, the singer explained that she felt "empowered to have her body back" and finally felt like "her breasts were hers again".

"Sexual" personality

She branded herself a "sexual person"
She branded herself a "sexual person" 

Back in 2010, Christina starred in Burlesque as the main character, Alice.

The film is full of glitz and glamour and sees Aguilera dressed in a number of revealing showgirl outfits.

Throughout the movie, she can be seen wearing skimpy dresses, dripping in rhinestones and showing some skin as she sings and dances her way through the story.

Christina admitted that she decided to go for the role as she is a "sexual person by nature" and was drawn toward the art of burlesque itself.

Christina told The Guardian: "Plus, I’m just a very sexual person by nature - that’s partly why I agreed to do the movie that I did - I just think the art of the tease is a beautiful art form."

Secret romps

The singer couldn't resist getting it on
The singer couldn't resist getting it on 

After Aguilera split from her ex-husband Jordan Bratman, the singer began dating Matthew Rutler and the pair were spotted getting it on at a family function and her antics were exposed to the press.

One inside source complained to Us Weekly about her behaviour and didn’t hold back with their harsh comments.

They revealed: "Her friends are fed up. Nobody can get through to her. They think she’s trashy and her ego is out of control. She’s really spiralling. I would be shocked if she’s not in rehab in the next month or two."

At the time, Christina had recently had a fight with her mum on New Year’s Eve and had been seen crying while on a night out in Los Angeles.

Stress cure

She admitted to using sex as a stress reliever
She admitted to using sex as a stress reliever 

Aguilera spoke to Maxim about how she likes to use sex as a stress reliever, but likes to keep things simple in the bedroom.

While many like to sport their favourite lingerie and spice things up any way they can, Christina is happy kicking back in her comfies.

She admitted to being a "down to earth girl" and is most comfortable "in just a jersey and boy’s underwear".

The singer also said that "trying hard to be sexy" is the "worst thing" someone can do as she believes "sexiness should be effortless".

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