Lionel Messi-mad former Miss BumBum Suzy Cortez was agonisingly locked out of Instagram during Argentina's victory in the World Cup final on Sunday.

The Brazilian-born social media model, who claims she's Argentina's hottest fan, has been flaunting her assets all month in a bid to spur Messi and Co. on in Qatar, though it appears to have backfired on her.

She's built up one heck of a following over the past few weeks, with her bare-bottomed stunts getting a huge amount of online attention, but she's been denied the chance to celebrate Argentina's win over France in classic Miss BumBum-fashion after being 'banned' by Instagram.

"My Instagram was denounced probably because it is rooting against Argentina and it went off the air," Cortez tweeted, just after the end of 90 minutes.

She posted a screenshot of the message she received from Instagram, which read: "Your account or activity on it doesn't follow our Community Guidelines on sexual advances."

The message added that her account was "no longer visible", with Instagram informing her that she "cannot use it" anymore, before giving her 30 days to challenge the decision.

Cortez, who won the annual Miss BumBum beauty pageant in 2015, has made no secret of her love of Messi, and recently painted herself blue and white with the superstar's name and number on her back.

Cortez has built up one heck of a following recently
Cortez has built up one heck of a following recently 

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Sport earlier this month, she revealed plans for another post-World Cup. "I have a total of seven tattoos in honour of Messi; I entered the Guinness World Records.

"When I got the intimate tattoo, some people were shocked but little by little they understood why I got the tattoo. I intend to get a tattoo identical to the one Messi has on his leg with the ball and the No 10."