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'We were shamed over "inappropriate" Christmas party outfits but don't care'

It's officially party season as we count down to Christmas and three beautiful women have taken the opportunity to dress up at parties –...

It's officially party season as we count down to Christmas and three beautiful women have taken the opportunity to dress up at parties – but their choice of outfits haven't gone down well with everyone

The holiday season is upon us and Christmas parties are in full swing.

It's the perfect moment to steal the show in head-turning outfits but when it comes to party-dos, some outfits prove too risqué for some.

These women rocked their festive looks with complete confidence but were told what they were wearing was "inappropriate" – even by their bosses.

Katie, who goes by the name "blonde pillow" on TikTok, picked a revealing outfit for her Christmas party.

But she teased that she will look good on dance floor
The woman teased that she will look good on dance floor despite upsetting her boss 

Without revealing the entire outfit, she sat on a chair and showed her black slingback heels.

And she said: "When the boss says your dress is inappropriate for the Christmas party..."

Katie stood up and showed her party dress in front of a mirror - a no-brainer little black dress.

But the V-neck opening hit so low that her breasts almost spilled out of the tiny dress.

@blondepillows00 Ho ho ho #fypシ #viral #costume ♬ original sound - ozu ♚

"But I will look good on his floor," she added.

Farron Clark also found herself on the end of trolling for her choice of a boob-baring corset top and relaxed tailored pants.

The ruffle-gathered bustier had an adjustable opening, which hugged her frame and left her putting on a busty display.

She completed the outfit with a sleek bun and gold accessories.

"Point of view: You show up to Christmas dinner inappropriately dressed," Farron said.

Farron's corset was deemed not appriopriate despite her father said she looked nice in it
Farron's corset was deemed inappropriate despite her father saying she looked nice in it  
@farron__ Your shocked#AltogetherDifferent #christmas ♬ Dont be shocked - The Doja Hub

She twirled in front of the camera to gives viewers a quick look at the back and the front.

"Don't be shocked, you're shocked? You are shocked?" she lip-synced.

But her dad seemed to approve of the monochrome outfit, walking in to her room and said: "You look nice."

When Kathy Drayton posted a video of her party dress on TikTok, people raised their eyebrows to her very revealing dress.



How I showed up to the party

♬ Del Mar - Solo Version - Ozuna

The fitness guru is proud to flaunt her gains and muscular build on social media.

And she was not afraid to show off her killer outfit at a party in a TikTok video.

Stepping out of her car, Kathy donned her four-inch heels and struts down the car park in a strappy, backless mini dress.

The high split design on the dress opened all the way to her waistline while the dress barely covered her modesty.

Kathy's party outfit got people questioned 'where's the rest of the dress?'
Kathy's party outfit had people questioning 'where's the rest of the dress?' 

The front of her dress features a handerchief design that leaves viewers screaming "where is the rest of the outfit?"

One said: "It's not a dress, it's an apron..."

"Speechless...not in a good," second wrote and a third warned: "One strong breeze and you are flashing everybody." 

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