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Woman who wants 'world's biggest bum' wears extreme corset for gruelling 4am workout

Vanessa Ataides is so determined to get the "world's biggest bum" that she's willing to exercise in a restrictive corset –...

Vanessa Ataides is so determined to get the "world's biggest bum" that she's willing to exercise in a restrictive corset – and sometimes can't even get out of bed

A woman is willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve the "world's biggest bum".

Vanessa Ataides has made it her mission to boost her booty without going under the knife.

Going the natural route requires a lot of time pumping iron in the gym, which is why she gets up at 4am to workout.

Instead of wearing typical exercise gear, the 37-year-old has taken to rocking waist-cinching corsets.

This is likely to make movement trickier – but she's willing to go all out if it means emphasising her hourglass figure.

Vanessa Ataides
Vanessa Ataides showed off her unconventional gym attire on Instagram 

On her Instagram Stories, the Brazilian bombshell posed in green tie-dye leggings, a black corset and white sports bra.

She was seen doing various exercises in the restrictive ensemble – including dead lifts.

Even though her workout regime is gruelling and can leave her unable to move, Vanessa is determined to push on.

Previously, she told Closer: “I face difficulty when training because I feel a lot of pain in my back and knees.

“Sometimes it lasts all day and can be so intense that I don’t get out of bed.

Vanessa Ataides
The waist-cincher looks rather uncomfortable – but Vanessa is willing to push through the pain! 
Vanessa Ataides
The Brazilian star trains so hard it can be a struggle to get out of bed 

“It’s been four years since I’ve gone a day without experiencing some sort of pain. But the exercises work, because my bum keeps getting bigger.

“My dream is to have a gym at home so I can train even more. I’ve worked hard for what I’ve got.

“Even while in pain, I’m happy like this. I love to draw attention to myself.”

As well as pushing herself with her exercise regime, Vanessa is strict about her diet.

She eats six to eight meals every 24 hours in a bid to build muscle.

Vanessa Ataides
Vanessa says she "won't stop" until she has the biggest booty in the world 

As well as eating plenty of protein to help her body repair itself, she also takes natural supplements.

It's unlikely Vanessa will stop with her strict plan – even if she reaches her goals.

Previously, she told local media: "I know it's an addiction. When I reach a goal, I don't stop, I want more.

“Today I want to have the biggest bum in Brazil, but I know that when I achieve it, I'll want to have the biggest in the world."

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